Adguard 3.6.21 APK for Android – Download

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More about Adguard

AdGuard mobile ad-blocker app is designed to block ads, pop-ups, banners, and other unwanted objects on web pages. It also helps you in filtering ads, blocking URLs, hiding CSS and HTML code, protecting against phishing and malicious sites. This adblocker works only with a Yandex or Samsung Internet Browser.

Unlike many other ad blockers on the market, AdGuard works as a universal filter sifting through your app’s traffic. After which it decides what to do with incoming web requests. The whole process is managed by filters which are a list of special rules. So basically the adblocking program has a default set of filters that get frequent updates.

Using the Adguard app for blocking ads on your phone

Once you install and set up the app it won’t bug you. You will get any unwanted notifications it will just work in the background blocking ads and reducing loads. Users can add certain sites to the whitelisted category and the Adguard app will show ads for those specific sites. This feature is useful for pages that will not load if you have an ad blocker on them.

During installation, there’s no choice of language, but afterward, users can choose out of 34 languages. Adguard also has a light and dark theme with auto-startup, update schedule. These features might not sound that important for an adblocker but still, they are there to help if needed.

But one of the important features of this app is the ability to stop a website from tracking you. The websites that you visit gather information about you and your devices, such as their IP addresses. Information about the browser and operating system, screen resolution, and the page the user navigated from. The Adguard app will protect you from being tracked on the Internet.

This app has a lot of other additional features such as parental control for your kid’s browsing security. And a silent mode that restricts the Adgurad app from sending unwanted notifications. To download this app just click on the download button above. For more info about the app visit Try other adblocker apps such as the Opera Mini browser with a built-in ad blocker.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free