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Teams doing great for Microsoft but will the company keep investing in Skype?

Microsoft with its video conferencing app Teams has been witnessing a huge growth as millions of people working at home are downloading it. But Microsoft has another video conferencing application Skype which is not able to keep up with the mark, its competitors have set. At such a time, it is but natural to question whether Microsoft will keep investing in Skype or not. Well, as much as it seems possible, the company has decided to keep investing in Skype which it had purchased in 2011 for $8.5 billion.

According to a report by VentureBeat, the company is set to keep investing in Skype. Citing Jeff Teper, CVP for Microsoft 365, the report highlighted that Skype will grow through this and Microsoft will be introducing some new features in it as well. He further indicated that both Teams and Skype will interoperate.

Teams, on the other hand, has registered a daily record of 2.7 billion meeting minutes in just one day. The data is of March 31 this year where the company witnessed a surge of 200 per cent from 900 million on March 16. With the number of users growing rapidly, Teper believes that people will pick Teams but the company cannot be “heavy-handed about this.” He further added that people love Skype and therefore, the company is trying not to get ahead of themselves.



Some data released by Microsoft revealed that Skype usage has gone up 70 per cent month-over-month and Skype to Skype calling minutes has also increased 220 per cent ever since the Coronavirus pandemic broke. The company is planning to make the application more appealing to users by introducing some new features. Giving an example of how Facebook’s work with Instagram, WhatsApp and Messenger have continued to help every platform grow, he said that they worked to interoperate the multiple platforms and did not force a migration from one to another.

A similar approach is likely to be adopted by Microsoft. Teper underlined that some features in Teams and Skype do overlap but they both have a different flavour to it. Therefore, Microsoft too will come up with ways to make both of their platforms work and focus on Skype customer base.