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There are only so many shapes

Pilot fish gets call from user whose local printer is offline. Since fish is headed that way anyway, he stops in the user’s office to take a look.

The printer isn't asleep, and the cables are connected. But the user’s computer shows the printer as offline, and rescanning doesn't pick it up.

What else can you tell me? asks fish. Well, says user, it stopped working after an IT intern came around to replace one of the toner cartridges.

When are you leaving for Hector summer camp and leave a day late

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That’s when fish decides to pull the printer away from the wall and take a closer look at the cable connection. And who knew? The USB cable connector fits pretty much perfectly in the RJ-45 network port. Which is where the intern plugged it.

As fish is performing the quintessentially easy task of plugging the USB connector into the right port, he takes some pictures for posterity.