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This new YouTube feature will stop you from watching videos late at night

Bedtime Reminders will notify users to stop watching videos during the late hours and go to sleep.


The feature has been made available on both Android as well as iOS based phones and it will be gradually rolled out among all the users in the upcoming days, the company announced on Wednesday. However, this feature has only been made available on mobile devices.

With the help of this feature, users will be able to set the specific times when they want to be reminded to stop watching videos. The start and end times can be set in the settings tab of the YouTube mobile app. The feature also takes into account people’s tendency to ignore a reminder while watching a video and hence has an option which allows users to specify whether they want the app to send them the reminder in the middle of a video or wait till the video they are watching ends.


The feature can be found in YouTube Settings as ‘Remind me when it’s time for bed’. The users can then simply tune the feature on or off and set when to start and end the reminder. This feature can also be accessed through a short cut, by going on the user’s profile picture and then tapping on ‘Time Watched’.


To activate the feature of being shown the reminder after a video ends, the users will have to select the option ‘Wait until I finish my video to show reminder’.