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Twitter now lets you decide who can reply to your tweet, but there’s a catch

tweets. Those users who are a part of the testing will be able to select who can reply to their tweets at the time of composing the message. The options to choose from include all users, people whom the person sending out the tweet follows, or those who are mentioned in the tweet.

This means Twitter now lets you decide who can reply to your tweet but not everybody can use it right away. Twitter has already confirmed that the feature will be rolled out officially for all users by the end of this year, so we know it’s coming soon.


How will the feature work?

Twitter, from its official handle, posted a video showing how the feature worked. It said that with this feature, everyone who could view a user’s tweets before this feature was introduced, would still be able to view it, like it and retweet it, but only those permitted would be able to reply to the post. Moreover, Twitter would also label the tweets which would have limited replies, so that other users would be able to tell immediately whether they could reply to it or not.

Reports stated that the microblogging site stated that only a small percentage of Twitter users across the globe would be a part of the testing of this feature and this group would include Android, iOS as well as web app users.


Why is this Twitter feature important?

The feature to limit the people who can reply to a tweet will help prevent online abuse and harassment on the platform, the incidences of which continue to increase all over the world. In theory, limiting replies to a certain set of people can aid users in having more focused and thoughtful conversations, without there being a risk of trolls entering the conversation.