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What women want in the IT workplace: 6 key factors for hiring and retention

What do women want at work? The same things every worker wants: fair pay, flexibility and the ability to work on projects that fuel their passion and make a difference — not just in the workplace, but in the world at large. And if your organization also offers growth potential and boasts successful female role models on your leadership teams, then you've got a formula for attracting, hiring and retaining the best women technologists available today.

“Women aren’t looking for different things than men; that’s a stereotype,” says Michelle Bailey, global vice president, general manager, and research fellow at IDC. “Men are actually looking for more paternity leave, flex time, work-life balance. Everyone wants to be paid fairly, they want flexibility, they want meaningful work. Tech is quite mature now, so everyone understands that if you’re working eighty hours a week, something’s wrong.”

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While that is true in the main, a closer look at what women want from tech employment highlights significant differences in what women face in the workplace and how employers can evolve their practices to foster an environment where women will want to work and will thrive.