Gallery Vault 3.19.9 APK for Android – Download

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More about Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures And Videos

GalleryVault is a privacy protection app. It is easy to hide and encrypt your photos videos and any other files. It does not want to see others.

GalleryVault can hide your privacy absolutely safe. In which you can hide your multimedia content. It provides you a smooth and amazing media browse experience. GalleryVault also encrypts all your files to prevent unauthorized access. It is only you can access the content and can create many folders as you need. Some apps like Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos are AppLock.

Keep Private Pictures and Videos

Keep your personal pictures and videos in the private section by using the Gallery Vault. This app protects all media files on your smartphone. You can also keep this app hidden. So, no one will know this app exists on your phone. You can easily prevent unwanted elements and losing anything which is important. If you want to know more about Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures And Videos then you may visit the GalleryVault website for more information.

Other Features

The beautiful, smooth and elegant user experience no storage limitation to hide photos and hide the video. It also plays and hides animating GIF images. GalleryVault has backup and recovery capabilities. Access network information. Access Wi-Fi network information and Installing packages. You can add files from the SD card to GalleryVault directly. Also, you are allowed to export the files from GalleryVault to the SD card. Manage your folders by create, rename or delete operations. Integrated with Private Web Browser and support downloading all images and videos on the web page with just one tap. GalleryVault has backup and recovery capabilities. It is an excellent security app.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free