Voice Recorder 1.4.29 APK for Android – Download

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More about Voice Recorder

Use this Voice Recorder app to record the sounds and songs that play or happen around you. This recording app can be used to record all the sounds anonymously while you work on your phone. After recording, you can play, share, delete, and view the detail of the recordings in a very easy way.

This app is a voice recorder app and can be used for recording a song or other conversations. If you are looking for an app that records call incoming or outgoing then use the Call Recorder app. All the recordings that you make using this app are saved in mp3 format.

Download The Voice Recorder

When using the voice recorder app it is recommended that you use the storage space as external. This way even if the app is uninstalled your recorded data and all the recording will still be safe. To download this app just click on the download button.

Install the APK file for The Voice Recorder app and it will ready to use. It will require access to your phone’s mic and storage to save and manage recordings. Users can also change the audio quality of the recordings in order to get crisp recordings or toggle them down to have space-saving low-quality files.

The Voice recorder app has a very easy to use interface with customizable themes. When you first time open the app you will see a big mic in the middle with a tray and a record button at the bottom. To access the settings menu click the 3 dot button on the top right side.

To start recording click the red record button and you will start seeing waves coming out of the big mic indicating that the app is recording. Once done click the button again and the recording will be automatically saved. To access and play the recording click the tray button and you can play it by clicking on it.

By clicking on the recording you can play it, change its name, share it via Whatsapp or email. Download the app now and let us know if you liked it by rating it and commenting below with your opinion.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free