WordPress 17.1 APK for Android – Download

2 weeks ago



More about WordPress

The WordPress mobile app allows WordPress website owners and administrators to manage their blogs and website resources on the go wherever they are. With this application, you can review assess, and edit your WordPress website on the go. It like a content management system right in your pocket.

Even if you don’t have a website and want to learn more about WordPress than this app can be your gateway to learning. Or start a simple Blog about stuff that you want to share with the world. This service offers numerous website building, hosting, and blogging options at a reasonable price. Learn more about it.

The WordPress app

The WordPress mobile app has almost all the features as the desktop version does. The app will need some time to synchronize data since it doesn’t display all your posts, comments, and media files once you open it. So click on the download button above to instantly download the APK file and install it once the download finishes.

The app’s navigation is broken down into 3 main tabs such as My Site, Reader, and Notifications. And each main tab carries its own subcategories accordingly. All the sites associated with your email will be displayed in my site tabs, and you check thier stats, Pages, and media all from here.

The Stats section shows almost all the details. Easily check reports about your site visitors, webpage views, likes, and comments. You can view this data in reference to a particular day including today, week, month, or year. You can also review your site’s activity log easily on the WordPress app.

The WordPress mobile app allows you to add files to your site’s media library. Any content you upload to your posts so stored here. In the Media section, you can check all your files uploaded to your files. Its a fun and convenient app if you manage a WordPress website online. Let us know if you liked it by rating and commenting below.

Operating System: Android

Price: Free